Our Solutions


Kratos glass products have been evolving along with the constantly changing needs within the defense industry. We manufacture and supply all kinds of certified bullet proof glass to major global armored cars and boats makers who value quality and precision. Our bullet resistant and laminated glass products are set to provide safe working environment with undistorted view, be it on land or on water.

Civil/Private Solutions

Kratos range of glass products is available on demand for the private sector as well due to the unfortunate increasing level of challenging situations and environments.

Architectural/Construction Solutions

Kratos Glass aims to satisfy constantly evolving glass requirements within construction sector by offering specially designed flat, convex architecture and elevator glass variety. We deliver a wide range of high quality glass and provide our clients with security and comfort in their living and working environments.

  • Flat and curved glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Fire-resistant glass (A30, A60, A90)
  • Impact resistant glass
  • Polycarbonate and waterproof glass